Take Action For Afghan Refugees

About Face is mobilizing with our Afghan allies to DC this Saturday, August 28th to pressure the Biden Administration to extend refugee evacuation operations in Afghanistan until everyone who wishes to leave has had the chance. If you can’t join us in DC, there are rallies around the country that you could join in solidarity. Remember to wear you About Face shirt if you have one, take pictures and tag us on social media so we can amplify.

TitleLocation Time
Stop Killing AfghansWA – Seattle – Westlake Park2:00 PM
Stop Killing AfghansNY – NYC – Bryant Park2:00 PM
Stop Killing AfghansNY – Albany – West Capitol Park2:00 PM
Stop Killing AfghansGA – Atlanta – Woodruff Park2:00 PM
Stop Killing AfghansIL – Chicago – Federal Plaza2:00 PM
Stop Killing AfghansCO – Denver – Colorado State Capital6:00 PM
Stop Killing AfghansPA – Philadelphia – City Hall, Northeast corner11:00 AM
March for AfghanistanCA – Los Angeles – US Federal Building12:00 PM
Stop Killing AfghansCA – San Diego – Waterfront Park12:00 PM
Stop Killing AfghansCA – San Francisco – Union Square2:00 PM
Stop Killing AfghansDC – Lafayette Square4:00 PM

Veterans Day 2020 About Face Voices

2020 has been an incredibly isolating and difficult year, to say the least, but also a year of coming together for mutual aid and galvanizing people power to reject expanding fascism. We know that regardless of election results and new administrations we face an uphill battle in the efforts to dismantle militarism and #DropTheMIC (military industrial complex) and anti-war veterans will have an important role to play in highlighting the oft hidden truth and demanding peace and justice.

Throughout this Veterans Day we shared brief videos and statements from our members that demonstrate the power of their stories and the importance of this community for supporting them to speak out.

The Obama years proved warmongering is a bipartisan endeavor but sometimes with Democrats in power it becomes quieter and much more difficult to raise awareness or garner funding for critical anti-war organizing from traditional sources. Please consider helping us to keep the momentum up by uplifting the voices of anti-war veterans and investing in our ongoing efforts to end the wars we participated in by contributing to our end of year fundraiser.

Meet Krystal Two Bulls, Zack Henson, Ksenia Voropaeva, and Olie Valenzuela-Nettell- veterans from different walks of life united by their commitment to ending militarism and colonialism.
Special thank you to Brian Buesnel for this mini-documentary which beautifully captures the stories of these amazing members and the heart of our community.

TAKE ACTION NOW Veterans tell Troops to Stand Down For Black Lives

Over 700 veterans have signed an open letter urging activated National Guard troops to do the right thing and refuse to help in suppressing righteous protest demanding racial justice. Add your name and share!

Designs and how-to guides here. Anyone can print and distribute these flyers or wheat-paste these posters where they will be seen by members of the National Guard others.

Support protests and actions in your community. If you are an About Face member, get in touch via email, Slack or Signal to get plugged into our efforts both in the streets and behind the scenes.