Cassidy Regan

Associate Director of Operations & Development

Cassidy is a civilian who’s organized alongside About Face members since 2012 and joined the staff in 2016. As someone with veterans and service members in her family, she’s grateful for the chance to support About Face’s work day-to-day through operational upkeep, grassroots fundraising, and whatever needs doing. She’s been part of organizing in solidarity with people’s movements in the Philippines, against free trade agreements, for farmworker justice, and more, and she currently lives in occupied Lenape territory (NYC) and studies theatre-as-resistance at CUNY, the City University of New York.

Jovanni Reyes

Member Coordinator

Jovanni has been a member of About Face: Veterans Against the War since 2013 and part of the staff since 2015, working in the capacity of Member Coordinator. He enlisted in the United States Army in 1993 and deployed to the Balkans in 1996 as part of NATO’s first ever military intervention which culminated in the dismemberment of Yugoslavia into six statelets. By 2002, he was no longer moved by the pretexts and false narratives cheerleading for war, and when the invasion of Iraq began in 2003, he decided he could not support or continue his military service. He resigned from the military in 2007.

Maggie Martin


Maggie has been a member of About Face: Veterans Against the War for over a decade holding volunteer positions as a chapter leader, campaign team leader, and a regional organizer before coming on staff in 2011. She was in the US Army from 2001-2006 deploying three times to Kuwait and Iraq. Maggie has helped build the organizing program for About Face and has played a key role in mobilizing veterans for countless community building, training, and action opportunities. She currently resides in Decatur, TN.

Matt Howard


Matt has worked with About Face: Veterans Against the War in various capacities since 2011 including as Chapter president in the Bay area, local organizer in Texas with the Operation Recovery campaign, as Communications Director and currently as Co-Director. He served in the Marine Corps as a helicopter mechanic from 2001 to 2006 and deployed twice to Iraq where he became deeply opposed to the occupations and discovered a commitment to social change work. Matt is presently based in New York City and has been featured on CNN, MSNBC, The Guardian and various other media outlets.

Ramon Mejía

Field Organizer

Ramon enlisted in the Marine Corps out of economic necessity. He served in Supply Ops. and participated in the initial invasion of and deployment to Dhi Qar Province, Iraq in 2003. As a result of his experience in Iraq, he converted to Islam in 2008. He has been an active organizer in countering local manifestations of hate and racism by neo-Nazis and paramilitary groups in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Ramon is a Social Studies teacher and one of the founding organizers of #VetsVsHate, a national veteran grassroots initiative pushing back against racism and bigotry. He was recently recognized as part of the ‘MPower 100–Muslim Social Justice Leaders Building Power Across the United States.

Apply for Membership

Membership is open to anybody who has served in the military since September 11th, 2001.

To become a member of About Face: Veterans Against the War, valid proof of service is required.

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